Property project development is a complex task that requires accuracy to avoid miscalculation. VEPS stands beside you to do valuation, research, analysis, projection, financing support, and smart strategy plan in order to develop your property project, at the right time and the right budget. Read more…



Investment in property business is an effective and interesting strategy to boost up the asset and wealth value, but at the same time has a huge loss potential if the strategy is wrong.  Read more…



Complete and accurate knowledge determine significantly of the level of succeed in property business. Therefore, an in-depth, relevant and trustworthy research is highly required. Read more…

Why VEPS ?

VEPS is a consultant property that provides various services for comprehensive and integrated property business in every aspect and for every party, either to individuals, companies, and also government agencies. From education program and detailed industry research up to catering the needs of property buying, selling and rental to both individuals and companies. From business analysis and feasibility study in project development, up to the consultancy partnership and financial advisory for property projects. For any kind of your property needs in any types and any scales, VEPS is always ready to provide comprehensive and integrated support to you.

VEPS, as a unit of Vibiz Consulting Group, has an extensive network with a lot of consultants and other property industry practitioners, both domestic and overseas, to ensure the achievement of our client’s objectives and target in asset value increase and succeed in property business.


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