Indians own more property in London than English People

September 5, 2022
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September 5, 2022 veps

Indians own more property in London than the English, NRIs, investors, students are some of the people who own property in England’s capital.

A study by Barratt London a residential developer revealed that Indian investors are willing to spend amounts ranging from GBP 290,000-450,000 (Rs 26,622,639-Rs 41,310,992) for a one, two or three bedroom apartment in the capital city. The major reason for London to attract investors is the fact that it’s a financial and educational hub.

It is to be noted that Pakistanis and Bangladeshis take second and third place respectively in terms of owning property.

The city is also a gateway for overseas investors. “We are seeing strong demand from Indian investors looking to purchase properties in London and invest in the stable and long-term property market. Outside of London, most of our products are sold to UK residential buyers, who buy these properties and live in them,” International Sales and Marketing Director for Barratt London Stuart Leslie was quoted as saying by the Financial Expressdotcom.

source: thesiasatdaily