Housing estate developer to help pay for road resurfacing

November 17, 2022
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November 17, 2022 veps

A road broken up by lorries building a new housing estate is to be completely resurfaced, with the developer helping foot the bill.

North Portslade councillor Peter Atkinson says he is relieved at getting confirmation that roads affected by heavy traffic during the building of the Oak Point estate are to be resurfaced.

Most of the route used by the construction company Thakeham will be resurfaced or restored, with Thakeham to pay for large parts of the costs.

Cllr Atkinson says he has been in regular contact with the council about the poor state of the road surfaces following their use by heavy lorries.

Cllr Atkinson said: “I met with an officer from the council’s city transport division and we walked the route of Thornhill Rise/New England Rise/Graham Crescent/Graham Avenue/Graham Crescent/Overdown Rise.

“The council officer confirmed that most of the route is to be resurfaced or restored with Thakeham paying for part of it based on what can be reasonably justified.

“This work will be carried out as soon as possible in the New Year and includes the BT junction box and footway at the junction with Overdown Rise.

“My thanks to all the residents who provided a really steady stream of photos and emails about this issue.

“It really helped me bring pressure to bear on the council.”

The construction at Oak Point began in November 2019 with large numbers of lorries taking building materials to the site.

The issue of heavy traffic was then further compounded with the need to take large amounts of soil away from the site.

Cllr Atkinson said: “One of the main concerns from residents when the planning application was submitted was the use of local roads by large lorries and the associated noise, dust, traffic disruption and damage to roads and pavements.

“We were assured that the road surfaces would be looked at carefully and restored if the damage was significant.

“I was worried, however, that the council seemed to be backtracking on this promise.

“Although, to be fair, some of the delay in agreeing this work was due to contracts being discussed and finalised with road resurfacing companies.

“We’re relieved that it is now going ahead with the original construction company paying for a large proportion of the cost.”

The council and Thakeham were contacted for comment.

source: brightonandhovenews