Development Strategies and Consulting

Property project development is a complex task that requires accuracy to avoid miscalculation. VEPS stands beside you to do valuation, research, analysis, projection, financing support, and smart strategy plan in order to develop your property project, at the right time and the right budget.

Services of Development
1. Valuations
Valuation services for property development in any types and purposes. The valuation result can be utilized for various purposes, such as right property for acquisition, for IPO objective, for bank’s credit collateral, or to ensure the right company’s financial statement. The valuation services are as follows:
a. Property Valuations
b. Business Valuations
c.  Local Asset Valuation
d. Feasibility Study

2. Development Strategies and Consulting
Strategy and consultancy services for property development, which is supported with many experienced consultants and experts in parallel with our extensive network, that will provide only the best practices and best solutions to you. Our related services are listed below:
a. Property Market Research
b. Highest and Best Used
c. Regeneration and Master Planning
d. Development Marketing Strategy
e. Operational Review

3. Corporate Consulting
Reliable and innovative solutions in understanding our client unique needs combined with the local market knowledge. This will bring competitive advantage to our clients where we stand as the partner in scenario mapping, recommending decisions, and implementing effective strategy to accelerate the business successfulness. We provide services as follows:
a. Asset and Real Estate Portfolio
b. Location Advice
c. Capital Solutions for Buying, Selling and Financing

4. Corporate Finance
Supporting in solution and access for the equity and financing property needs. We will support to get the right financing to achieve our client business ambitious targets, within their company risk tolerance. Our supporting professional team combined with our network in banking sector, capital market, as well as the property players will provide a tailored made business solution, opening new potentials, and ensuring the business succeed of the clients. Related services provided are as follows:
a. Equity Placement
b. Secondary Market Trading
c. Buy-side Sell-side Advisory
d. Debt Advisory

5. Commercial Development
Through a long experiences and relationships with investors, developers, and land owners, we are ready to support our clients in commercial property development and expansion in minimizing risk and also maximizing profit. A complex development stages can turn to business potential that could leap up the company’s asset value if it is managed smartly. Our consultancy services for commercial property project development, among others, are:
a. Development Advice
b. Sales, Acquisition and Disposal
c. Marketing and Positioning