Complete and accurate knowledge determine significantly of the level of succeed in property business. Therefore, an in-depth, relevant and trustworthy research is highly required. VEPS with an extensive industry players network could provide the required market research up to the detailed particular target market of the client. We provide services as follows:

  1. General Property Market Research
  2. Customized Market Research
  3. Property Market Outlook


We are an architecture and creative interior design company in partnership with ALVINT (PT. Design Indonesia Bangga) that offer high quality services to deliver satisfaction to our clients. We provide services ranging from design consultancy to everything we can do to materialize your dream house and commercial design.

In delivering great work, we plan and outfit spaces as such to ensure that they are beautiful yet functional. We help clients to bring to life their concept of ideal home or work space.

A balance of aesthetic and structural planning creates an ambiance that projects clients’ lifestyle and brings the desired mood, transforming spaces into new haven.